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Property Care & Maintenance Service for all Domestic & Commercial Properties 
MCELINE HANDYMAN SERVICES - AERIAL PERFECTION 2017  Home Repairs & Upgrades Since 1987

• Minimum Charges £40 - Roof/Ladder Work £90 - Gutters Cleaned £90 Front - Front & Rear £140    
   Fixed Prices Given - No Surprises

• £2M of Public Liability Insurance Carried   

 Free verbal work estimates 

 Out of hours work plus 25%

 All cheques payable to: MCELINE or Bank transfer

• All estimates are plus materials unless otherwise stated - Fixings are charged at £5 minimum.

 All invoices to be paid within 14 days for domestic customers( invoiced for larger jobs) and 30 days    for account customers from invoiced date (Large jobs only). All account customers will be invoiced      monthly.

 Any parking or congestion charges, will be charged to each individual job.

 Often councils/insurance companies require written quotations for works covered by their policy. We  
    charge a fixed fee of £45.00 for this service. The fixed fee amount will be deducted from the  
    outstanding balance amount, should we be awarded the job.

Window Cleaning Rates 

For the first clean we would wash down and clean the frames and seals then wash the windows, our minimum charge for this is £50.00. 

Commercial and larger houses, please call for a free quotation – our standard monthly/by-monthly rates apply after the first clean - By-Monthly Cleaning Rates plus 50% of monthly rate.

On a monthly clean after that we have a standard rate of £7 minimum for ground floor windows i.e. ground floor flats, bungalows etc. and £10 for high ladder work houses etc... In most cases we need to survey your property in order to give an accurate quotation, due to some property having more windows than others and to cater for customer needs.

Terrace: (Average 3 bed) Front £10 - Front & back £15 Monthly

Semi Detached: (Average 3 bed) Front £10 - Front & back £15 - Front, back & side £25 Monthly

Detached: (Average 3 bed) Front £10 Front & back £15 Front, back & side £25 - Front, back & both sides £30 Monthly 

All above quotes are for guidance only, accurate quotations are given after a site survey